Who are we
We a a small consultancy company operating mainly in Ireland, United Kingdom, Isle of Man and Portugal, specialized in the following areas.


We are able to supply any IT department with consultancy in the following areas
  • Project management
  • Business analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Software development (VB, COBOL, SQL SERVER and ORACLE)


Software development
We develop specialized software by request only, most of it written in COBOL and/or Oracle.

We also supply specific interfaces from RM/COBOL to interact with non COBOL software such as

  • Oracle Databases (Using OCI calls and/or PRO*COBOL ESQL)
  • DB2 UDB databases using DB2/ESQL and DB2 CLI
  • Tuxedo

We hope to have other databases available in the future and if a customer has a urgent need we may be able to work in a specific one first.

We intend to have some generic software solutions in the near future, including some COM modules. These will be advertised on our site soon.


Operating systems installation and management
We install, configure, administer and provide technical support of the following operating systems.
  • Unix (most variants)
  • Linux  (most variants)
  • Novel Netware
  • Windows (server and workstations)

Through some of our customers we are also able to supply the same services for the IBM AS400 series range.


COBOL Technical support
As COBOL is our main tool we also supply technical support to the following brands
  • AS/400 COBOL